Special Product of Okayama

  • Okayama Bara Sushi
  • It is the part of Gomoku chirashi sushi.
    This sushi was born in Okayama for the first time blessed with most of kinds of the ingredient from mountain and sea, and even rice as well.
    Personality of the taste of houses includes it and does not understand the true value of this sushi if you do not eat.
    Since Edo era ancestor of a lord Mitsumasa Ikeda (1609-82) what luxury was forbidden from generation to generation by the law,
    and people did an anti-bone in it, and changed into luxurious sushi so called “issho-ichiryo”.
    it was about time of the fifth feudal lord Harumasa (1818-30).
    Overall taste is unified while all the ingredients cooking it separately, and making use of the characteristic of each ingredient
  • Mama-kari Sushi
  • “mama-kari” is called another name “sappa(sardinella zunasi )” in small fish with a few small bones like the sardine of the special product of Okayama region.
    The reason of the name to be called “mama-kari” is interesting.
    We eat a lot unintentionally too much because the taste is good and comes to lack rice, and it is said that I came from the place saying that I borrowed rice “mama-kari” from the neighbor.
    After taking out head, bone and the internal organs, and I tighten it with salt, vinegar and use it.